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The Reactive - "let's fix it when it breaks" Maintenance is still the most common practice in most countries. Is there room for improvement in your maintenance operations?

What is the Task of Maintenance?

In Australia every year, billions of dollars are invested in new machines, factories, roads, etc. It is the task of the maintenance people to take good care of these huge investments – to be responsible for ensuring that they provide the service they were designed for, at best possible profits for the companies or investors.

UWF can supply you the professional personnel to perform your maintenance work on short or long-term basis.   The duty of maintenance is not only to repair and maintain the machines. A professional maintenance person will keep the machines running safely and reliably. He or she will also try continually to improve the efficiency of the equipment.

The main task of maintenance is to make sure that the investments made will generate the best possible profit during the entire lifetime of the machine.  Improving the availability, reliability, safety, and return on life cycle cost are the foundation of profitability and competitiveness.

The better the Industry’s competitiveness and the community’s ability to provide services, the more the assets’ efficiencies are optimized.

How’s your maintenance program going?


Sometimes maintenance and repair work can only be done at specific times – Shutdowns are usually done during a period of extended closure or holidays.

UWF is a provider of multi disciplined professionals with the know how, experience and resources for planning, managing and implementing Construction, Fabrication, Erection and Maintenance projects.

In addition we have developed a manpower Nursery from where we generate and provide all types of General, Engineering, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Manpower solutions.

UWF have a pool of skilled workers having vast experience of working in multinational companies.